Blue Label

We devised this deep, rich, and chocolaty blend predominantly for espresso, but it brews a syrupy and intense regular cup as well. This is our darkest roast, though it's still on the lighter side by most standards.

Red Label

This juicy, layered, and provocative blend makes a great cup no matter what, though it’s especially crowd-pleasing with a hint of cream. Our medium roast produces a beautifully complex espresso, and a well balanced, sweet cup of drip.

Yellow Label

Crisp, bright, articulate, and sophisticated: This is the teacher’s pet of blends, with the awards to prove it. As the lightest roast of our blends, it’s particularly lovely as a pour-over, but also makes for an exciting and wild espresso.

White Label

A rotating roster of diverse single origins and decafs from around the world. We roast these juicy and provocative coffees with home brewing in mind, adaptable to whatever non-espresso brew method you prefer.